Mulberry Meadows

Mulberry as a tree is known to mankind since ancient times. The tree comes in different shapes, sizes and has different variations to it. it is known for quick growth, sweet fruit, stains, shade and medical properties. For example, mulberry juice is boiled until it has a consistency that's much like honey. This syrup is very sweet and is used as a medicine to protect against diseases of the liver, gall bladder, heart and some throat. We believe if we can create a Mulberry culture & a community less, but living a full-life, it will make a huge difference..

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mulberry meadows

Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Space

We wonder about not sharing a wall with any of the neighbours. Wish about having your own land and your own sky. Wish that your mom had her own courtyard for the tulsi puja. Wished that your dad could have taught your kids to read constellations and climb trees.These won't be wishes and dreams anymore. At Mulberry Meadows they are an everyday reality. With More than 2600sq.ft. of built up area and more for your very own garden, all the dreams you and your family and become a reality.What's more is a close relationship with nature.

Completed Projects



RCC framed structure.

Doors & Windows

Teakwood frame and paneled shutter for main door. Flush shutters for all other doors and windows.


Black granite counter with stainless steel sink, 2ft height ceramic dado above the counter.


Ceramic tile dado upto 7ft. For sink, granite counter in master bedroom and ledge in others.


Water Tank,Centralized water supply with individual meters for villas and common amenties,Rain water harvesting.


Natural paints(or) Acrylic distemper for internal surfaces and exterior emulsion for outer surfaces. French polish for main door and synthetic enamel for others.

Vitrified tiles inside the house/villa

verified tiles in all the rooms & ceramic tiles in kitchen,utility,Toilets (for common facilities such as club-house, based on design and aesthetics the following material may be used - state / Granite / Vitrified / Bethamcharla / Cuddappah ).


Power saving electrical equipment(Solar where-ever it is cost effective in common areas),Power back-ups for water motors, street lights, common amenities, villas(one light points and one fan point in each room & TV point in family area,Underground electrification.



Mulberry Meadows is in the north west periphery of Bangalore. The fastest growing quadrant of the city. Its not just the contribution of devanahalli international airport, but also the increasing interest of the corporate big houses. Not long from now, this would be probably the most sought after area in the city. Much like what interest white field used to command last decade.